This section contains the polices and key documents of Bamford Community Society
The AnglerThe Rules
For a community benefit society the document that describes how the society is governed is known as the rules (performing the same function as a constitution for other organizations). Our rules are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority,  which is our regulator.
BCS Rules (Nov 2016)
Board Rules of Governance (Oct 2015)

Operational Policies
Anglers Rest Access Statement
Artwork Policy (Apr 2015) and Artwork Terms and Conditions
Car Park Policy (June 2019) and Car Park Agreement
Environmental Policy (2018)
Equality and Diversity Policy (June 2019)
Finance and Procurement Policy (July 2017)  and Quote evaluation form
Heath, safety and hygiene Policy (June 2019)
Policy on meetings at The Anglers Rest (Sep 2014)
Safeguarding Policy (June 2019)
Volunteer Policy (June 2019) and Volunteer form
IT related Policies
Data protection policy (July 2018)
Information Security Policy ( July 2018)
Privacy Notice (July 2018)
Website Privacy Policy (July 2018)
HR Policies
Disciplinary policy and procedure (Nov 2013 )
Grievance procedure (Nov 2013)
Recruitment and Appraisal Policy (Sept 2013)
See also Offer documents and application forms under Investing
Share withdrawal policy (Aug 2019)
Share Withdrawal Application Form
Shares surrender form
BCS Interest policy (June 2017)
Codicil information and form

Board Governance
Directors Code of Conduct
Declaration of Directors’ Interests form