This section is for key documents which are retained for reference purposes.
The first share offer
This was a time-bound share offer, aimed to raise between £180k and £340k over the summer of 2013 to fund the purchase of The Anglers Rest.
First Share Offer
Membership share offer
We provided a membership offer as a fresh opportunity to those who had not previously invested.
Membership share offer
Open share offer
An Open share offer was launched in January 2017. The prospectus will be updated periodically, with the first update in January 2018.
Open Share Offer prospectus January 2017
The original business plan
The original steering group developed a business plan setting out how the Anglers Rest was expected to run for the first few years.

In creating the plan, the steering group consulted with business experts, financial experts, previous landlords, the local authority as well as other community pub groups throughout the country.

BCS Business Plan Sep 2013
The original Bamford Community Society Rules
These Rules were in place from the formation of the Society to the 7th December 2016.
The Society Rules (Sep 2014)
The blog of updates during the purchase phase, up to the opening day.