About us

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The Bamford Community Society (BCS) is a not-for-profit co-operative formed to enable the people of Bamford to own and operate our village amenities for the long-term benefit of the village. (BCS is a registered society under Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, FCA registration number 31710R).
The BCS was formed in response to the closure, in early 2012, of the last operational pub in the centre of village with a view to taking it into community ownership. The real spur to action came when as part of their Network Transformation Programme, the Post Office sought an existing business to relocate the village Post Office into. The idea to develop The Anglers Rest as a community hub with a pub, café and the Post Office was tested at a public meeting in March 2013 and generated enough enthusiasm to launch a campaign to ask people to pledge to test if the money could be raised. By the end of May £120,000 had been pledged and the decision was made to launch a community share offer and formally bid for the PO contract. After numerous twists at the end of October 2013 the BCS had raised £263,500, secured the PO contract and purchased The Anglers Rest.
Having acquired The Anglers Rest the BCS has plans for developing both the building and the business for the benefit of the community in line with our vision which is:

To develop a sustainable community business, that is inclusive and with a reputation for good customer service, that contributes to a vibrant and thriving village.

The Bamford Community Society is run by a Board of Directors, elected by the shareholders, with the pub run by professional staff. The Board oversees the running of the Anglers Rest, manages the building and site and seeks to develop the business for the benefit of the local community.
Currently there are ten Directors:

Jonathan Lindley – Chair
Sarah Bawden – Vice-chair
Chris Williams – Finance Director
Pam Kenworthy – Society Secretary
David Allwood
Peter Bacon
Martin Hanrahan
Rebecca McIntyre
Rose Nyarangi
John Stubbs